Sunday, November 18, 2007

Craft Show Nervousness (Part 2)

Ok well I promised that I would post photos of the work I completed today so here goes:

Here is a pre-designed scrapbook for a little girl, all it needs are someone's photos!

Here are some pictures of other work that I did tonight. As you can see I am still have a hard time perfecting the candles after the wick goes in....these will be sold as imperfections for a discount at the show hehe : )

I would love any feedback that anyone has to give : )

Off to bed now, I will post an update tomorrow before bedtime!

Craft Show Nervousness

I have my first craft show on Black Friday, only 5 days away and I am starting to get nervous. I feel like I am unprepared and do not have enough product prepared to offer potential customers. I welcome custom orders for scrapbooks and am also going to offer custom orders on frames and candles as well so hopefully this will help me get some extra orders! Currently I have 5 candles ready to go- with enough product to make 42 more which I will complete by the show, 5 frames, and 7 scrapbook layouts. Doesn't sound like much at all I know Unfortunately I have to work Mon-Wed at my job that pays the bills but every night after work this week as well as after I cook Thanksgiving dinner and up until 3 pm on Friday will be completely devoted to making as much product as I possibly can : ) Wish me luck and any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

I will post pictures of the work I completed today before I go to bed : )

Monday, November 12, 2007

Seattle Bound (Part 2).....

Well we arrived to Seattle after a 7 hour bus ride that was supposed to only be 4.5 hrs.....we received some lovely hospitality from our fellow Americans that work as US Customs officers.....I have never been so ashamed to be an American as I was today, the work ethic that those workers have and the way they talked to and treated the bus passengers was just uncalled for!!! Thankfully our bus driver had a sense of humor and we finally arrived in Seattle!!!

I am glad to be going home on Wednesday, I miss home!!! I am also very excited to get home and start work on new projects to put up for sale at Turkey Night being held in downtown St.Petersburg.

Among the other things that I need to do, are either figure out what needs to be altered on my business card file that I sent to a company we use at work, or find another place locally that can get them done in time! I also need to get my banner on order for the show....I am pondering the thought of ordering it on Etsy but I am afraid that I am not going to have time now, and will also have to get that ordered somewhere locally as well!!

I am really excited about being able to make my candles, I received all my stuff a couple days before I left but I had too many other things to do to get ready for my trip so I was not able to start playing with my new stuff, so this weekend is going to be dedicated to all craft stuff and the chores that just can wait!!!

I will be sure to post pictures of my works in progress for eveyone to see!!

Seattle Bound....

In about an hour, I will be Seattle bound once again!!! I am very glad to be heading back to Seattle from Vancouver!!! It's not that I did not like it here its just that heading back to Seattle means that I am 2 days closer to going back home!!!!! When I get home it is going to be a crazy 9 days......because on Nov 23rd I am doing my first craft show and to say that I am unprepared would be an understatement....I feel like I have very little to offer my potential customers but I know that I will give it one final push when I get home and I will do the best that I can do!!! It is only my first show and I know to some degree it will be a learning experience!! Well I must get going to take my bus back to the states so I will continue this entry later......

Friday, November 2, 2007

Sooo excited......

Well from my previous post you know that I experimented with making soy candles earlier this week, and I was quite happy with my results!!! So I went to Cajun Candles, I ordered enough supplies to make about 48 candles for my craft show later this month!!!

I ordered the following scents:

Christmas Tree
Honeydew Melon
Pumpkin Pie
Vanilla Chai
Black Cherry
Cool Citrus Basil

I am very excited for my product to come in so that I can make pretty candles to sell : )

Last night, I also decided it was time to give in an order some Chipboard letters for my scrapbook layouts and frames. I have seen them at the craft stores and while they are quite pricey, I cannot see just buying a box that has one of each letter, I would never be able to spelling anything. So I did some research on the web and low and behold I found a fellow Etsian in the EtsyScrap's Street Team group that I joined on We Love Etsy. Catherine's shop is Your Memories By Design and she was nice enough to do a custom order for me, so that I only get the letters I need to spell out what I want to say : ) My letters should be shipping out to me on Monday so I am anxious to get them and begin work with them, as I have never done any chipboard work before but I have seen it used and it looks great!!!

I probably will not get much crafting done this weekend as I am headed to Debary for my college roommate's baby shower and to visit her expanding family!!! Maybe when I get home on Sunday I will be refreshed and inspired and get some new items finished!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!