Thursday, September 27, 2007

Craft Shows

I have spent most of today trying to promote my work trying to get my first non friend family sale--but still no luck yet!!

So I have been looking into arts and craft shows that I could rent space at to promote my product!! Since I am just beginning I don't want to spend alot of money, so I am going to start with some of the smaller shows that have cheap entry fees just to get my feet wet and get some experience with them under my belt!

I have a few possibilities that I am interested in and I am just waiting to get responses back for more information!

I am kind of excited and scared because now I need to get more than 3 pieces of work ready to be able to go to a show lol!!

I am also awaiting the arrival of my promotional labels that I want to use to market myself on the products that I do sell!! The proof looked awesome so I am very excited to actually get my hands on them!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting Sleepy!

Well I am sitting here setting up my blog after a long day at work and an evening filled with creating two scrapbook layouts! My best friend has inspired me to start a craft business of my own and I owe all the things I am learning to her!! She pushes me to get involved in things instead of just sitting around when I get home from work wasting away! That isn't to say that I am not busy, because that would be untrue! Currently, I am 4 weeks away from completing my last class needed to complete my MBA, the only hitch is that I must get an "A" in the class to technically graduate, therefore my time currently spent on designing my scrapbook pages has been limited! I hope that after this next 4 weeks that I will have more time to devote to my newly developed craft business!

I have two websites with information on my work if you are interested: (Where I sell my work) (Where I market and show off work I have created in the past)

I am willing to do custom orders and even willing to design an entire scrapbook pictures and all if you would like to send them to me! If you are interested please contact me at!

It is getting late so I am off to bed to dream of new creative layouts!!