Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sooo Excited!!!

I will post ultrasound pics later on tonight!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We are going on vacation---our last alone trip before we welcome our little bundle of joy in January!!!

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Monday, August 18, 2008


Its getting closer!!! Soon we will know whether we will be welcoming a little boy or girl to our family in Mid-January!!!


Well with the upcoming arrival our little one, I have determined that I need to better organize everything in the house not just the one room that the nursery is becoming. So this means great things for all my current and future customers. I have revamped all of my photos and starting today I will be relisting all the items that I currently have made and stocked up. You may be asking yourself what does this mean for me.

Well, I have marked down my already great prices an additional 15% off!! No need to wait for a revised invoice!!! Also make sure you consider taking advantage of the flat rate shipping option which I highly reccommend. With this shipping option I am able to send many items for one low shipping price. If you have questions about what items I can fit in which size box please dont hesitate to convo me!!

As usual I am still offering custom listings if you see something that you like but want in a different scent. I will offer an additional 15% off custom orders from now through Labor Day!!!

Happy Shopping!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cleaning and Babysitting

I get cabin fever sometimes because it feels like since we found out that we were expecting our weekends usually consist of some cleaning (usually laundry--that lovely weekly chore), grocery shopping, and lots of laying around :) Especially since I have Fridays off too now I think that makes me feel like I am a bum most of the time. I know its good for me to rest but I am still holding out for that burst of energy that everyone tells me is "supposed" to come with the 2nd trimester. I have been in my 2nd trimester for 3-4 weeks now and while I have noticed a little bit more energy on some days, it is definitely still not moving in an upward trend!! I am looking forward to finding out the sex of the baby so we can start decorating the nursery, registering and all that fun stuff which will give me plenty to do inside and outside of the house!!

Here is a picture of my niece trying on a backpack that we picked up for her at the back-to-school bash that Henry and I attended a couple weeks ago. There was supposed to be this large baby section but it was definitely lacking, but at least it did get us out of the house for a few hours :)

I went shopping last weekend and got the last few supplies that I needed to get started on my first homemade baby project. I have had a vision of what I wanted to make even before I got pregnant so I am just hoping that I can make it look something close to my vision. Here are pictures of all my supplies before I get started :)

I am also getting very excited as it is less than 2 weeks now until Hubby and I go for our ultrasound to check on the baby's growth and hopefully determine if we are going to be welcoming a baby boy or girl in January. And the day after that we head to Las Vegas for 4 days and 4 nights of R&R. This will be our last big trip before the baby comes!! I cannot wait to lounge around the pool and not be on any schedule. I am not bringing the laptop along and I am putting the cell phones on silent so Hubby and I can get some quality time in together as well :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

16 weeks and exhausted....

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but it just seems like now that I am pregnant and working 4 ten hour work days it seems like time flies by.

Well I have made it into the 2nd trimester and I have to say I am still exhausted most of the time. I think it is mainly contributed to the fact that I don't sleep very well at night--I am very restless trying to get comfortable. I just keep thinking I am not that big yet, how bad is it going to be when I'm 8-9 months pregnant and huge lol. I guess I will just have to cross that bridge when it comes to it. At my last checkup at 14 weeks I had gained a total of 4 pounds since I got pregnant not too bad but I need to watch it to make sure its not 3 pounds every time I go back to the OB for my checkups :) I am excited to report that in 3 weeks we should know if we will be welcoming a boy or a girl as part of our new family. Then the next day hubby and I are off to Las Vegas for a babymoon for 5 days--- I cannot wait!! I do not have many vices but I do love to play the slots and sometimes try my luck on the tables....My best friend taught my how to pay video roulette last time we were there and I did pretty well at it, so I hope to show my hubby how to play this trip. And I hope he has a better visit to Las Vegas because last summer when we met up with Candice and Mike he spent most of the trip in the hotel room because he got food poisoning. Here's to a better vacation this time around :)