Saturday, June 28, 2008

Adult Toys

It is funny how the things that excite you change as you grow up. Here are the adult toys that my husband and I bought this week as part of redecorating the house pending the arrival of our baby!! I am truly excited about our new washer and dryer and cannot wait to pick them up this week!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Energy is creeping back!!

Well my energy seems to be creeping back into the picture! I was actually able to get some chores done around the house this weekend!! Which makes me feel a little bit better :) This week at work we also started a trial run of working 4 ten hour days so that everyone has off on Fridays! So my plan for this Friday when I have my first day off, I plan on finishing the scrapbook that I started for my best friends daughter--- I pre-designed it as one of her baby shower gifts and now I have to put all her pictures in it for her (She is not the crafty type-hehe)!!

I also want to start a project of sorting through all my craft supplies. With the baby coming in 7 months, I need to downsize my craft operation and as part of that exercise, I am going to start destashing supplies for projects that either never got off the ground, or didn't take off on Etsy. So look for new listings in my shop soon!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baby Kunce First Pictures!!

Yesterday I had my 2nd baby check up and while asking the doctor many questions I asked if we would be able to hear the heartbeat and the doctor said that he would try if I promised not to freak out if he couldn't find a heartbeat (he says at almost 10 weeks it is still hit or miss whether or not you can find it with the doppler) well I also asked when we would be able to tell if we were having one baby or two (twins run on my maternal grandfathers side and my chances of twins are increased because I have PCOS).....he said let me see if the ultrasound tech is busy and if she isn't then we will just do a first trimester check!! I was elated----I wanted something tangible out of this appointment to make it a little more real that I was actually carrying a life inside of me and boy was I about to get it!

We waited for the ultrasound tech to call us back and then it was time!!! Introducing for the first time BABY KUNCE!!

It was an amazing experience to see our baby for the first time and it definately makes it feel real!!! I am very glad I was able to talk Henry into going to the appointment with me :) He would have been so upset if he missed that!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sleep, Sleep, and more Sleep

Sleep is all I can seem to do for the past week!! If I do anything that requires energy I must take a nap immediately as soon as I am done!! From what I read this pregnancy fatigue goes away in the 2nd trimester and then comes back in the third trimester when I am carrying around all this extra weight!!

So here is to hoping that in 4-5 weeks my second trimester brings me more energy!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Craft Emergency!

Well I have been told that I have been neglecting my blog and this is very true! So here is a picture of my setup from my craft show last weekend!!!