Thursday, February 5, 2009

One Month Old!!!

Its hard to believe that Fionna is over a month old now!!! I know tomorrow she will technically be 5 weeks but I am just now getting to post her One Month Update after her checkup today!!

I still have yet to send out my baby announcements and other photos that we had taken professionally at the hospital---I must get them out this weekend! My husband keeps nagging me that we spent all that money and I haven't shared them with anyone yet. Even though I am home all day with Fionna I am not sure where the days go---I always have a To Do List and yet I never seem to finish that list!

Fionna Ann at her One Month Checkup is now 10 pounds 3 ounces and 22 1/4 inches.

Here Fionna is at One Month Old!!!

She is now gaining weight like a champ eating her formula and breast milk.

I have 7 more weeks of my maternity leave and then I go back to work and it will be Henry's time to stay home with Little Miss Fionna. I will be working 3 days a week (we only work 4 days and I will be working from home one day a week) so that Henry can work 2 days a week. This should work out well and it will keep Fionna out of daycare till she is at least 6 months old if not a little bit older, which is great because when I got pregnant I was worried that she would have to go to daycare at like 6-8 weeks old!!!

Well I must go work on today's To Do List....Enjoy the slideshow below!!

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Karen said...

Fionna is so beautiful! It's so cute to see how much she has grown already! My girls had the same butterfly footed pj and they love their rainforest swing. Those swings has been my saving grace! I totally agree with your days flying by and getting nothing accomplished! I'm finally starting to get a schedule and it's been 5 months! It's awesome you were able to work out your work schedules and not have to do daycare yet. ***Knock on wood*** my girls have not been sick yet and our neighbor's daughter who goes to daycare is constantly sick.